how to get and use yafray

i have installed yafray 0.0.7 rite and when i got to render wit it in blender it doesn’t wana work comes up wit a black screen the says not respondin

I’m having the same problem too. I saw a tutorial not to long ago on it and it seems to involve more than just selecting it as the renderer in blender. If anyone else can help, please.

You have to download the newest version of Yafray first before you can use it. That is if you assumed it came with blender 2.34 and didn’t DL it individually.

yep, same problem with me. i downloaded 0.07 or whatever it’s called and 0.07 pre and still nothing happened.

no i have downloaded it installed it but when i render the render screen is just black and doesn’t du out when u click on the x it says not respondin