How to get collisions, only sometimes?

Is it possible to make collisions only effect certain objects.
E.G. Player 1 will crash into the wall but not into a box lying around somewhere.

I did a few quick searches but found nothing about it.
Thx in advance.

yep, pretty much.
Turn off collisions on selected faces by selecting your Box, then press Fkey. In the Editing window uncheck the button marked collision.

You can press the Akey to select ALL faces (while in face select mode, FKey) then Copy DrawMode button. to copy the Active face settings to all selected faces.

thx that works fine :smiley: .
Now i have another question.
Can i make it so that Player 2 will crash into the block that player 1 will not?
Thx again.


ummm, i reckon you could kinda fake it with a near sensor attached to the box. Could end up being pretty nasty though, depending on what exactly you want to happen to player 2?.

The collision-detection mechanisms are simply to enable your procedural (Python) logic to be called at appropriate times. You can decide then whether the collision should actually affect player “X.” Your routine will be called every time but it does not have to respond the same way each time.

Would i have to use python to do that or could i do it with logic bricks. If it does need python does anyone have a script i can use, i would prefer not to learn python at the moment ;).
Or a mini-tutorial would be nice :D.

yep, more information there would be cool. Care to elaborate sundialsvc4? :smiley:

It’s done with getHitObject() and yes, you need to know Python.

You might could set collision to a property without it.

Yep I think you can do that, player crash in the cube and player two not. Add a cube and attach a ray sensors on it on 4 corners of the cube. Each ray sensors can detect a player. Made it so:

  • ray sensors detect player 1, (crash) so cube stays the same (collisions on).
  • ray sensors detect player 2 near the cube (add object actuator got triggered, new cube added without collision on) the player go’s trough the cube.

Sounds simple or difficult, but wel with some python or only logic bricks you can do it :smiley:

I made a demo! It’s kinda buggy, but only if player 1 tries to collide with the box while player 2 is in the box. The right arrow makes the left sphere go right, and the left arrow make sthe right sphere go left.

Save Target As:


Thanks pooba that is what I wanted. :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone that has helped aswell, i think i can do what i wanted.