How to get CUDA working on my machine (which is suppored)

Hi All,

I have an MSI gaming laptop that has dual/SLI GeForce GTX 980M’s (CUDA with 5.2) which is listed as a supported device (Cuda + higher than version 3.0). I am running Windows 10 with the latest NVidia drivers installed. When trying to use CUDA in Blender, I get “no compatible gpus found for path tracing.” Anyone know how to get GPU cycles rendering on a machine that is supported?

After googling I found where someone said they used the NVidia Control Panel and set Blender to use a specfic GPU since like me they had 2 cards. But two problems: 1) I can see that Blender supports multiple GPU,s and 2) The worst problem is even if I download the NVidia Control Panel from MS app store, it appears to no longer run under Windows 10.

Anyone know how to get it to work? Again: My GPU is supported. My drivers are up to date as of today, prior to that I had a year old version which produced the same issue. Blender version is 2.82A. Blender works fine, just will not let me select GPU under CUDA, OptiX, or OpenCL.

this may be obvious but did you download latest GPU drivers?

Yes, I said that.