How to get generated UV?

Not a straightforward question:

Is there a way to retrieve generated UV unwrapped as box in the UV image editor ?

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bump on this one ? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t think that one would be, strictly speaking, practical, considering that Generated coords are 3D and UVs are 2D. I think it could be scripted though. I mean, they’re just vertex positions wrt. bounding box…

hi @Stan_Pancakes

If this can be scripted, i surely can write a small script in unity for creatins those UVs…
lemme give some more explainations:

i got this:

and here’s what i want:

In blender i can easily achiere this with this shader:

but as unity3D needs a UV layer, it cannot work as those UVs are only generated internally in blender.

What i’d need is the internal UV generated by the box mapping…

I thing that with a nodes setup depending on object normalsgiving textures coords or a simple piece of py i could gen it in unity. The thing is that i got no idea of the math behind :confused:

Ah, you meant in conjunction with Box mapping… Well, you could always look at Blender’s source :slight_smile:

lol okay, i won’t waste time searching in billion of code lines nor hundreds of bugs :rofl:
I’ll find a simple way for doing this in unity, where some things remain simpler than in blender…

I asked coz i thought ( candidly ) there was a simple answer for simple thing…
… just forgot i was using blender :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did it in unity and took me… Well 20 minutes :slight_smile:

I’ll post a shot but cannot talk about the solution here as it’s unity stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe sorry ! people with the same problem out of blender will have to find their own solution :wink:
It’s damn stoopid but it’s the law ROFLMAO…

A PM and i’ll be extremely pleased do talk dirty for this simple solution ^^
This just cannot be public…

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Too bad I didnt see this post earlier. :confused:
“tri-planar mapping” is often used for fast and simple texture projection.
Its easily accessed via the built-in unity shader graph.

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