how to get local rotations

the last piece of the puzzle i need
i need to get the local Z rotation of an obj

well one way i found is to use a driver but it would be nice to know the code it uses

umm… obj.rotation_euler.z ?

thats not local

I’m confused, what is it you think ‘local rotation’ means? That IS the local rotation of the object. But because, by default, the rotation order is set to ‘XYZ’, the Z being the last in the order of rotation means that it lines up with the global Z rotation. Also you’ve said nothing of the parent-child relationship, so… local to what, exactly, if not this?

ok so it turns out (unless something got messed up at some point that i cant find) that the local driver only works if its checking the same obj that the driver is on… i get crazy numbers if not and thats no good