How to get rid of random lines or cuts going through parts of a model

I am trying to render this batman symbol I made using curves but I keep getting marks or lines on the side of the wing. They also appear on the opposite side of the model. You can’t see them when the model is black. I tried playing with the normals as well but it wouldn’t do anything for me. I could also kind of see a dotted line going through that spot on the wing in edit mode but I’m not sure what to do with it. Any help would be appreciated.


batmanlogo2.3.blend (608 KB)

Blender renders only triangles so when it has a face with many vertices it has to triangulate it. There are many different ways you triangulate this face, some may give artifacts.

One solution is to set the shading of the object to Smooth instead of flat shading, add a triangulate modifier set to Beauty to give a better triangulation and and Edge-Split modifier

Thank you for the quick reply, I was unaware of that. It looks pretty good now:).