How to get rid of the pixelated Edges? (cycles)


i try to do a little test animation with streaking 3D Text.
Just like in this Tutorial:

It works all well so far but i have these pixelated Edges on my Text.

Here is a sample:

You actually have to download it and zoom in at preview to see what i mean.

I tried to set the pixel width higher but that just makes some other Text Objects too blurry.

Are there any other methods to solve this??

Greetz Zen


What size did you render this at? The one you have here doesn’t seem to be that large, so that could easily explain the pixelation you’re talking about.

If you mean the resolution with size, its 1920x1080.
And the object itself is around 5x0.8x0.2 BU. Do i have to make the Objects bigger?

If you zoom any digital image far enough you will begin to see pixelation. Make sure that the render setting is set for 100%. Did you set the render seed to change for every frame? If not you can enter #frame into the seed and it will change the seed for every frame. This helps with the animation not looking strange.

Thank you. The render setting was on 50%. Now its almost perfect. :smiley: