How to get subdivided UVs from a subdivided model?

I have UV unwrapped a model that has a Subdivision Surface Modifier on it, but the UVs don’t reflect the flow of the SubD model. The UVs look more like an un-subdivided model.

I have ticked the Subdivide UVs checkbox in the Subdivision Surface Modifier.

Can anyone give me some idea on what I’m doing wrong?

(screen grab below)


the subdivided UVs should appears when you apply the modifier.

Thanks ouraf.

I have applied the modifier but I get the same UV at the resolution of the subdivision?

So Blender cannot give you an interactive subdivision UV without committing to, or freezing, the UV of that subdivision?

Does that mean Blender isn’t a subdivision modeller?

I just want to be clear. I am using Blender all the time for my work.

I have used Max, Maya and I came from Modo, and I am familiar with being able to toggle in and out of subdivision mode and have the UVs reflect the mode.