How to get the start frame and end frame of a particle's existence for drivers

Is it even possible?

I want to animate the material of particles, by creating an emitter material for the particles which will have 0 energy at particle creation (so will not light up) then x amount of energy at midpoint of its life and then finally decay so it has 0 energy when it dies.

All and any suggestions (even for a different way of achieving this) gratefully accepted.

The answer lies in getting the latest builds, which will have a Particle Info node.

At birth, the particles are red, and then they cycle through yellow green and turquoise until they turn blue and die.

Use as per the screengrab below.


Ah, so that is a Cycles only based solution.

No particle info node for Blender Internal (booo!) I wonder why?

See here for the equivalent trick in BI.

<Necro>danilus, your tutorials time just made my day. Thanks bunches.