How to get this mesh smooth

In the image you can see the bottom of a bottle with a label on it. The label is a seperate mesh… a cilinder with a solidify modifier applied and on the outside of the mesh the image texture of the label.

I have set the object shading to smooth and added a subsurf to the mesh to make it more smooth… but im still getting these banded edge in the render (see image)…Im not sure why this is… Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Note: i though it might because it was overlapping the bottle…so i repositioned it to test it…but this was not the issue…

Show the wireframe and non textured shaded versions.


THe bottom picture is the shader, without the image texture of the label…this is the node setup

And how on earth is this node setup supposed to work for roughness? There’s no connection for that color ramp. It’ll always give you one value for everything. And what is the purpose of converting black and white gradient to black and white?

Set face shading to smooth. It looks like you used simple subdivision on a mesh that matches the flat shading in first image, instead of catmull, so it’s not smoothed out, just more edges added.

34 faces

over 12k faces simple subdivision

catmull-clark 3k faces

Thank you for your reply… you are right…that ramp node isnt supposed to be there. Im still learning this stuff som im not very good at it.

regarding the subdivsion… i have checked the mesh… and its set to smooth face shading…and the subsurf is set to catmull (level 3)


When I remove the subsurf however…everything smooths out:


So it appears that the subsurf is causing the problem… Do you know why this would be? Could it be its because the thickness of the mesh is very very thin?

It’s very weird then. Without .blend I can’t tell anything more. I believe you didn’t play with edge crease.

Here is the blend file… Hopefully you can see whats wrong

thank you in advance

You need to add some supporting edge loops in at the very bottom and top of your cylinder shape (with Ctrl+R and drag down into position)

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So he did play with edge crease :stuck_out_tongue:

@Splitting_Atoms your cylinder does not have top or bottom so you can remove the crease and it’ll work anyway. You would have to use edge crease if you would have had it filled to prevent subdivision from destroying mesh shape.

One side has face, one side does not.
Adding mean crease on the other end fixes it without artifacts like yours, because you have two edge rings with mean crease there. That’s causing that ‘pixelization’. Additional edge ring would indeed help but I find it strange/bugged that turning off ‘use crease’ in subdivision modifier does not fix this problem.

But anyways additional comment from me:
This can has thickness. Big thickness. I guess you have removed top and bottom and then added solidify and applied that modifier - there’s no need to. If that was glass you could do that, with proper thickness, but we don’t have cans with 2mm thick walls :stuck_out_tongue: It’s more like 0.2.
Try to model it again (i’ll take you around 15 seconds xP) and this time do not make it solid - you’ll see that even with edge crease and no additional edge loops added it won’t have artifacts.

Oh, it is a bottle - I’ve looked on all objects.
Then good, solidify is a good idea - but still, you have used it for the label. We don’t have 2mm thick paper/plastic labels :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t add thickness for stuff that basicly does not have any thickness like labels do.

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Thanks guys! So it was basicilly a lack of edgeloops that caused it…I thought the seems would be enough but in the future i will add extra edge loops.

And thanks for the tip about not using a solidifier for a label. Youre right… there really isnt need to and Im making it harder for myself using it.

Thanks again! Solved!

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