How to Get This Texture to my Sword model?

sword textures

As I finished modeling my sword, here’s the model:

I need to have some texture to it. I would like to have what the above sword has as texture and material (the sixth sword in the image). What do I do to get that texture to my sword?

Any help is appreciated and welcomed.

Depending on how you are using your sword (looking for photorealism, video game asset, low detail prop, etc.), the answer to your question could range from a pretty quick step-by-step to something that takes hours to days to perfect.

You say that you need texture to your sword. This could be interpreted a couple of different ways. “Texture” meaning something other than a flat, smooth surface is something that can be faked with materials using a completely procedural approach. A “texture” meaning a bitmap image used to drive your model’s appearance (color, roughness, metalness, subsurface scattering, etc.) is something different. I will assume a procedural approach below, but if you do indeed need bitmap textures for your sword, let me know and I’ll try to help there, too.

The quickest way to get your sword to start looking like number 6 would probably be by selecting the faces of each part of your model that you want to be a different material, and then assigning those materials to the selections. You’ll make individual materials for the:

  • Blade: Metallic with some noise mixed in for age/dirt and possibly some Anisotropic
  • Guard: Metallic
  • Grip: black base color with medium roughness
  • Pommel: Metallic with a roughness of about .08, Anisotropic of 1.0, and Anisotropic Rotation of about .241

Those are recommended values, so tweak it to make it your own. Remember that Eevee doesn’t support the Anisotropic settings in the Principled BSDF.

This is how you assign different materials to different faces:

It’s for an animated film. So, if I assign different colors of the texture to the Faces, I’ll be able to have it how I want it to look like? Thanks for showing me how, friend. I needed that before I went to the Shading tab in Blender (I need to wait with that, right?)

Here is another node tree…to play with…

Like this? I’m doing it with the Metallic up to 1 on the tip end of the blade. I’m in “Material Preview” mode as you can see in the image. I’ll then have the sword in a darker shade of blue for the rest of the blade.

For the “Guard”, I’ll be seeing if I can get it to metallic tomorrow once I finish up the darker shade of blue part of the sword.

And for the “medium”, is it the mid-point of the roughness?

Also, is it only Cycles that supports Anisotropic, then? I’m rendering with Cycles until the animation is nearing with my film’s production inside Blender while it is ongoing.