How to get to the blender Console on a mac ( im a noob )

hey i need help on how to get to the scripting console i was watching this video: but it didnt tell me how to get to the console any help would be appreciated

I know that if you are running Linux, you must start blender from your console (it is called “Terminal” too) instead of using any icon.

… ok I found a link:

If you are running 2.5, try switching the window from “Default” to “Scripting”. Its in the tab that you can find in the upper bar, in the center. In the scripting window youll find one division that works as a console. (You can also acces that by chainging the type of window to console, in the lower left part of any window)
Hope it helps

Right click your and chose “Show Package Contents”
Go to Contents -> MacOS and double click blender (this guy without any extension).
This will launch terminal and blender from terminal. Terminal will become your blender’s console.
You can grab this “blender” to the sidebar of your finder to create a shortcut.