How to get your product on the Friends on Blender Artists/BlenderNation

The Friends of Blender Artists/BlenderNation caroussel exclusively features products that are directly related to Blender.

Getting free promotion

I’ll add any Blender product that offers an affiliate program, for free. This includes all products on the Blender Market and Amazon. For Gum Road products you can create an affiliate link (10% minimum) and send it to [email protected].

Free promotion is based on availability and performance. At the moment of writing, each free product gets about 150-200 impressions per day. I also review the performance of products regularly and will remove the ones that fall behind, so make sure your graphic is captivating!

If you have something you’d like to feature, please send me a PM with a 300x150px 600x300px image, a one-line description for your product and a URL.

Boosting your views

For better visibility, you can ‘boost’ your impressions at the following rates:

  • EUR 1/1000 impressions for products with an affiliate link
  • EUR 2/1000 impressions for products without an affiliate link

You will receive a login to track the performance of your campaign, and you can distribute the number of impressions over multiple banner designs to optimize their performance.

These prices are ex VAT and the minimum order size is EUR 25, and discounts apply for larger orders. Please send me a PM if you’re interested.

Additional promotion options

Other promotion options are available on Blender Artists and BlenderNation as well, please send me a PM for more information.