how to group vertices?


I’m just starting to use Blender 2.4 with the Blender Doc Vol I available online. I tried almost a whole day to follow the steps described there to create Gus. But I have a BIG problem: how can I group vertices, which aren’t seen? In the doc, a cube is subdivided once resulting 27 vertices, of which only 9 are visible in the front view. Now I should remove 9 vertices on the left side by selecting a border (B) to group the 9 vertices. But every time I did that I only get the top three vertices, the other 6 beneath are not included. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks

In Edit mode in Solid Drawmode there is an icon in the 3D window header that says “Limit Selection To Visible” (a cube pic on it). Unclick that, or hit Z to go out of Solid Drawmode.


Probably you are using in solid draw type in stead of wireframe.

You can find it next to the mode selector (edit, object, tec.)

it works! next question, how can I move in the monitor so that I can view parts / objects located somewhere else without moving them? I tried with the left/right/up/down-arrows on the keyboard but it didn’t work.

Shft-MMB (Middle Mouse Button), Ctrl-Scroll and Shft-Scroll, Ctrl-Numpad-2,4,6&8.