How to have a gradient type effect

Im made a Hud background. And i want to make the center part blur (transparent) and from center it should go unblur like a gradient effect. Is it possible with the camera or other way .Any suggestion or help.Thanks

hud.blend (925.5 KB)

Everything you want to do, should be done in 2D, rather than in 3D.

Doing this in Photoshop or GIMP is relatively simple. I use GIMP (because it’s free, not because I love it.) Render, make a new layer, gaussian blur your new layer, add a layer mask to the new layer, paint a radial gradient into that layer mask.

You can also do it in compositing (a little better than that GIMP method, actually) by doing a variable size blur, with the size determined from distance to center of picture.

But you’re not doing anything without a render.

Simple eeVee node set…something like this?

Opps…Node from color ramp goes to the Alpha on the Principled Shader…didn’t notice it got cut off!

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Thanks thats want i needed. Where is the the color ramp node attach to ?

can you plz attach the file.

Here you go… hud.blend (1001.5 KB)

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Thanks it work in 2.8. When i copied to 2.79 version nodes disappear. Any way to bring those nodes in 2.79.

How is that blurry though ? As far as I know the only ways to blur it would be to use DOF or to comp it using some depth pass or a gradient done by hand (if your camera doesn’t move too much).

Naw…2.79 treats stuff way different…I didn’t know you needed for 2.79…They are NOT backwards compatible…For 2.79 do it like this ( wow I haven’t used 2.79 in ages)

Object trans is under Object Type…then Display and select Transparency

I agree. I also tried myself with DOF and some ridiculously low f number, and nothing happened in the center. I guess cycles uses the center of the focal plane as a fixed distance rather than distance to each point - center pixel would be short distance whereas edge pixel would be slightly longer. So I couldn’t make it work. Depth pass/mist pass would be my next attempt with comp blur.

And the center distance “shortcut” makes sense most of the time, we’d never use those kind of f-stops for regular rendering. Microscopes have very shallow DOF, but they also require a lot of light.