How to hidden the edges or borders of render

I am a user of blender 2.33, I have a small problem, I would like that at the time of returned of a aminamation that the edges which post themselves I would not like that these edges is posted, how to make because I have the intention of used this animation on the level of a station television set


It’s a little difficult to understand what you mean, as it’s obvious you don’t speak too much english.

Are you talking about edges that appear after you’ve rendered an animation? If so, what edges are these?

Do you perhaps have toon edges turned on? If so, go to the scene panel (F10) and in the output panel to the far left, unclick the button called edge. If that’s not the problem, it would help if you posted an image.

maybe he wants to make the end point of the animation longer?

try pressing F10, then the menu button with the little swervy arrow, then you can change the end and start values.

Finally worked out what you mean. If you render to “PAL” or “NTSC” the render window will have a border around the image. But if you save this it won’t show that border in your image viewer.

If you want it to render without the border choose “PC” or “Full” from the image presets on the right in F10.



Thanks for your reply, as you it’s the appear after render and i want to know how to hidden it during the render.

Thanks again