How to hide meshes within meshes

Hi All,

I’m new to both Blender and Unity. For my new hobby game I’m trying to create Pacman. I’ve created him within Blender using a UV sphere, removed the top half, solidified the mesh, duplicated it as upper half and added a armature/bone to each of the half spheres.

Now when I rotate both of the spheres the Pacman’s mouth will open. This is causing the meshes to render into each other and this is giving me an unwanted artifact of where the spheres border would be. The image would probably explain best. I tried googling this, but I don’t know how this behavior is called.

Is there a better way of doing this or a way to remove this artefact?

Thank you for your time and help!

I would try to rig that pacman like this. The bones use rotation constraints. Bones 1 to 8 have a “copy rotation constraint” in local space to bone. Play with influence of that constrains. Im not sure but unity should eat that kind of rig. If not you can bake the bones animation. then it should work. But maybe there is another way to do it… just an idea. btw… if you do a good weightpainting than it should be possible to use less bones.

a hacky fix would be to scale the upper half sphere up a small amount, .001 or until you stop seeing the artifacts

Wow, thanks for the great and detailed help Piet! And the quick fix heavypoly! I will try and see if I can get the first solution to work, if not I’ll go for the hacky fix.