How to Hide Objects from One Camera When Using Multiple Cameras?


Like the title says: I’m using two cameras in my scene and I need to hide one object from camera 1, while camera 2 still can “see” it. I guess I will need Python, but I’m no Ptyhon-Pro so I don’t know how I would start the code.

Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

There is a thread with the same topic at this page already.
You could tell why you need that.

Oh you are right, I didn’t see that although I searched several times in the forums :smiley:
I’m currently working on a game featuring a mirror (using the VideoTexture) and this mirror should show objects which aren’t visible on the foreground

Using two scenes wouldn’t work for me cause the physics should still exist in the foreground

This is whatI want to achieve (I used Z-depth on Suzanne, just to show the example here. But it doesn’t really work because the Z-Depth will overlay everything with is in the mirror foreground