How to implement Ipos from another file

(Keks) #1

Hello, does anybody know how to append my existing ipos by importing ipos from another scene? I have animated a flying violin and want it now to play! I have already done the animating of the playing violin and bow but in another file. Is there no way to use the Ipos from the “playing”-file which control the movement of the bow in the other file?
What i want is to let the violin first fly to its playing position, let the bow approach it and then (this is the point where i’d need the ather file’s ipos) let it start to play some Paganini Caprices!
Anybody understanding? Anybody able to help?
Thanks, and bye, Keks

(theeth) #2

Did you try appending the IPO curve from one file to the other (Shift-F1, select the blend file and browse to the IPO)?


(Keks) #3

Hi Martin, yes that’ s what i did. But the point is. I animated the playing-part starting at frame 1. If I want the violin to first reach its playing position, waiting for the bow to arrive and after that start playing the animation has to start at frame 300 or so. So how can I take the existing ipo and let the play-ipo follow it?
Thanks, Keks

(theeth) #4

that’s trickier.

for the “moving the bow to the violin” part, you could transfer the IPO to an Empty and parent the actual bow to that Empty

for the playing part, link the play IPO to the bow, and move all the keys 300 frames forward, so that it starts when the bow is ready. You can move the curve as a whole by selecting all of them outside of edit mode and hitting G. Holding Ctrl while moving makes for a more precise placement. Also, you can zoom out (Numpad - ) so you can move more frames at a time.

I hope that was clear.


(Keks) #5

Thanks, Martin. I’ll try this tonight. Bye-bye, Gregor.