How to import a fluid dynamics file into Blender?


I’m totally new to Blender with a background in mechanical engineering and would really appreciate if someone could answer my question or tell me what to look up and give me a bit of nudge in the right direction.

I’m looking for some help to import my simulation files to Blender for adding textures and making an animation. I’ve done some fluid dynamics numerical simulations with a CFD code (the code models the breakup of liquid jets into sprays by solving the liquid flow Navier-Stokes equations in combination with a volume fraction method which tracks the free surface — the boundary between liquid and air).

The output files contain fluid information such as the liquid volume fraction for each computational cell. I can import my data files into Tecplot (a closed-source commercial software) to plot the iso-surfaces but I’m looking for a way to use Blender as a post-processor for my numerical simulations, due to powerful graphical & animation features that Blender has. I’m wondering if there is any script to import the liquid volume fraction iso-surfaces to Blender.

Tecplot (a closed-source commercial software) has a option to export the file to X3D format which is also available in Blender, so I tried to export in X3D from Tecplot and import it into Blender but it didn’t work. I think the problem maybe related to different versions of X3D that both softwares have. Tecplot, as mentioned in its documentations, makes the ouptput file based on version 3.2 of the X3D specifica*tions as described by ISO/IEC CD 19775-1r1:200x. However, Blender seems to use version 3.0 of the X3D.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


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Was there any development on this? I am trying to import a x3d model from Tecplot in Blender 3.3LTS and there is no color but if I export from Paraview it comes with a vertex color attribute called “col”