How to import all Blender settings from one Blender to another?

Hi! Is there the way to export all the settings from one Blender to use it on another Blender? I use portable versions, but anyway if I will copy the Blender folder from one computer to another one all my settings will be gone (quick favorites, windows and so on… everything). So the question is how to export all the settings from one Blender to import it to another? Is it possible?

Did you make a ‘real’ portable version? Read: did you create a config folder inside of the version dir? Then it would be sufficient to copy that.


Thanx for answer! no I did not, what exactley I should create inside Blender folder? How should this folder be named “Config”? and after I create it what I will have to do else to make all my settings portable?

Right after unpacking the Blender archive cd into it. There is a folder called 2.xx. Inside of it you create a new one called config leading to:


Everytime you save your prefs they will be stored there.
This is the easiest way to make your Blender really self contained. Migrating to new version simply requires copying this folder over. ( In regards to settings. Addons are a bit more involved.)

For importing your old settings into a new portable environment refer to this site of the manual to find out about file paths according to your OS

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