How to import ply-files from script

I want to import ply-Files with a python script without use of the gui-feature file->import->stanford.ply
maybe there is a simple answer.
but I do not know it.
thanks for a tip.


If you hover over the menu it gives you the name of the operator, If you go to the py console and type in up to the brace and use autocomplete (ctrl-space) it gives you the required parameters

>>> bpy.ops.import_mesh.ply(
bpy.ops.import_mesh.ply(filepath="", files=[], directory="", filter_glob="*.ply")
>>> bpy.ops.import_mesh.ply(


should do it.

also if you go to the user-preferences addons screen there will be a help link.

Thank you
blender scripting can be so easy.