How to import tracking data into blender?

Hy guys =)

Since the tracking tool in blender is not that powerful (yet), I was wondering how I can easily import tracking data from other software like Boujou, Mocha or AE CS6 3D Camera Tracker.
I could not find any help/tutorial which shows a straight way to do this, especially for newer blender versions like 2.69 or 2.7

Does anybody have experience with this topic and can give me some advice? :cool:


there are plugins available for most of these but expect to pay for some of them, Mocha-blend is around $25 if memory serves me.
as far as i know no one has successfully made a AE-blender plugin, though you can go from blender to AE.
just google for the software you have

I couldn’t find one working plugin… just for old blender versions like 2.49 and lot of complicated workaround.
Mocha is unfortunately not a real 3D camera tracker as far as I know, only planar.
I tried Voodoo too, everything worked, but it’s a lot slower than everything else!!!

So does anybody know how to import tracking data from…
=> AE CS6 3D Camera Tracker to Blender v2.7 ?
=> Boujou 5 to Blender v2.7 ?

I don’t know if any of the pro_motion trackers will and can export tracking data to blender as of now. Syntheyes did at one point. Check with Ideasman to see if the his update to the FBX import/export now can include camera motion from motion trackers. FBX file format is what Nuke and Digital Fusion uses for its camera motion capability I think.

I don;t think that AE-Mocha exports to that format. Boujou does but I think it might not be up to date where the new FBX in blender can read it. Contact Ideasman the developer aka Campbel Barton.

Are you sure your work can’t be done in Blender’s tracker? Maybe there is no automatic tracking in it atm but other than that it’s a very solid tracker (and even better when you look at Boujou’s licence cost - 10 000 USD).

What is the reason you think you can’t just use the blender tracker. I would get it if you had planar tracking from mocha, because blender can’t do what mocha does. But the ae tracker is just a point tracker, so blender should be at least as good.

Well if you have ever used a REAL tracking software (for me as moviemaker pretty essential) then the blender tracker is nice but not useable.
I cant believe that there is still not any solution?! Come on guys, what happen to the CGI specialists? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if importing tracking data from let’s say Boujou is possible, but i’m curious what’s Your definition of “real tracking software” and what makes Blender’s tracker unusable.

I would really like to see an example where Blender wasn’t able to solve a shot. Blender’s tracker isn’t perfect but it definitely is not a weak tracker.