How to improve aliasing?

shot in the dark here but have you tried changing the settings on your graphics card configurations for blender ? maybe that might work

@ sozap
Yep, and that’s the problem.

@ Rafaelfcdk
Not that I know of. And in any case, it shoud not be necessary. The graphics should not be broken by default.

Any updates on this problem? I’m still rendering all my shots at 2X resolution and then downscaling them to get rid of this half-resolution normal map appearance.

Bake the bump map, normal maps don’t have this kind of issue
or you can use GIMP or xNormal to convert the bump map into a normal map

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I think downsampling is the only way to go unfortunately.
Baking in some cases would need ridiculously high texture size, unless you’re prepared to bake out each frame in an animation for window texture coords.

How about implementing your own bump node for now? It’s basically just checking the neighbor pixels if they’re brighter or darker then averaging the result for the X and Y axis. I might try to do it if I have time, it seems like an interesting challenge

It’s exactly like Brecht says, that’s what bump-mapping with the built-in GPU derivatives looks like which are computed from 2x2 blocks. That’s why it looks half-resolution. Computing the derivatives manually would require extra texture samples. That’s why games generally just do normal maps. I think for Eevee computing the derivatives manually would be fine.

By the way, Blender Internal used to support baking derivatives maps. They never really caught on, but they combined all the benefits of bump mapping (correct blending, no need for tangents) while requiring only a single texture sample at full quality.

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Oh man, does eevee not support them? I hope they do return.