How to improve pistol *BLEND INCLUDED*

I modeled and textured this today, with Ambient occlusion and some textures.
It still looks very boring, i`m going to add a iron sight and serial numbers later
but it still looks very dry any advice or tips ?

I have setup 2uvs a Material, one for AO, one for Seamless.


The file is named Glock but that’s not a Glock, it’s a Beretta 92. There are essential things missing from the modeling, like sights you mentioned, safety, magazine release, slide lever and dissassembly lever (for 92FS model). Perhaps adding those would help.

Yeah i no its a beretta i forgot to rename it as i was modeling a glock at first. Im not talking about release catches or gas parts, sights i`m just talking
about overall textures.

They are flat for one. Normal mapping would help, and you could also add some of those details I mentioned to it.

Can you give me a example what use normal mapping for on this pistol.
Yeah it is flat :slight_smile: need to give it some rust, that`s where i generally need some help.