How to improve the mesh of an object?


I have scanned images in 3d, but the mesh is not very good. I know that there is a way to improve the mesh by doing retopology and apply the flat object with the Shrinkwrap modifier, adjust the mesh to the object and have a better mesh.
Is there an addon that allows to make this type of mesh better?
I use Blender, but there is another program that I can use, I would also appreciate the contribution.
I give you an example of how the mesh is and how it would look in the end.

Thank you

Take a look at BakeMyScan addon. It makes use of great model optimisation tools, especially QuadriFlow.

Check this post #47 for compiled files for Windows.

Thank you very much for your reply. I’ve been seeing what he sent me, and this would be just what I need.
But a problem occurs is that I have downloaded it and put the addon inside my Blender 2.79a and it does not work for me, I am not able to use the tools.
Do you know of some explanatory video on how to use these tools?
I use Mac, I do not know if that will have something to do so that the addon does not work for me. Or is that I have not discovered the way to use it!

I’ll ping developer of the addon @norgeotloic , he probably have better explanations to your questions.

I’m not sure but it might be just working on 2.79b and above (as it is current stable version for a long time).

Check his Youtube channel.

Also make sure to follow installing instructions.

step 1 : select the mesh object then enter edit mode;
step 2 : press [A] to select all mesh faces, then press [Alt] + [J] to convert triangle faces to quad faces.
step 3 : select the object then add modifier -> decimate, then set to planer to decrease mesh face.