How to improve these tiles?

I’m creating a vast spooky underground hall, eventually I’ll animate a flame coming from the horizon and appearing in front of the camera. I have put a tiled texture on the ground and put a light above it, the tiles do have a normal map. Since this is an artificial enviroment and fairly unrealistic I have no good realistic reference for light. How would you improve upon these tiles or the light, make it look more realistic.

Realistically I guess the tiles wouldn’t be as perfectly placed as they are in the picture, but since the flame will lit up the tiles that are far away in the distance, these tiles need to be tiled. How to improve upon this?

This is my inspiration;


Images not displaying
Do you see this?

Oh wow, it was there, it’s just so dark I thought it was black. For starters you need more light and range, your lightest value is nearly pure black (040404)! You mentioned a flame, I’d toss that in and throw more light so you can actually see something.