How to increase poly count in this model ?

Hi, I have modeled this character for a game but low poly count results in some improper bendings when animating. Is there a modifier or a easy way to increase the poly count without messing up the topology? Or should I just place them with my hand, by mainly using ctrl+r ? It gets tricky if you aren’t placing them around a cylinder-like limb such as fingers or arms.

Two ways I see this could be done. You could use SubSurface modifier with/without edges crease applied to certain edges to maintain “sharpness” a second way would be to use Bevel modifier with or without drivers which in return would give you up-most control over how many edge loops are there on certain parts of the body where bending occurs. If you’re interested I could even make a video showcasing these two methods.

Note that the improper bending may not be a result of insufficient amount of edge loops or geometry in general to your mesh but rather a poor vertex weight assigned to those vertices where bending occurs.

Thank you very much for the helpful reply. I just tried using bevel modifier but it either isn’t suitable for my model or I couldn’t figure out how to use it. Probably the latter. If I don’t turn Clamp Overlap off nothing changes on my model, if I turn it off it increases the poly count but it breaks the topology. Even at low segment numbers there are a lot of glitches and irregularities. Subdivision Surface however did a much better job at increasing the poly count. Then I realized I never used normal subdivision (W > subdivide). It didn’t change the shape unlike subdivision surface but increased the poly count just fine. Now I have two results, first one is “normal subdivide + subdivision surface modifier” and the second one is just subdivision surface. Not sure which one is a better result.

I wrote a long reply post but it is still not up after hours, so writing something along the lines of it again.

Thanks a lot for your helpful answer. I either couldn’t get bevel modifier working properly or it is unsuitable for my model but its probably me. When Clamp Overlap is checked it doesn’t do anything, when unchecked it increases the poly count but causes a lot of glitches and irregularities on the model. Subdivision surface however works very well, thanks.

Too me, the second one looks much better. If you want a better polycount but you don’t want it to get smoothed then just use SubSurface modifier with ‘simple’ option selected. But if I were you I’d stick to normal SubSurface settings. Don’t ever go to ‘W’ menu and use subdivision surface unless you really have to, always try to stick to subsurface modifier and don’t apply it until you get that desired look that you can actually continue working on.

Thanks a lot, simple function didn’t seem to work for me but catmull-clark is just what I’m looking for.