How to input Chinese in a game? Or, how to apply the system input method in game?

In a game, Input English letter is very easy, like this:

But I want to input Chinese…It needs a input method, and chioce a word.
like the picture shows: ( the lower left corner )

How to input Chinese in a game?
When running game, it can successed call out the system input method ,
but after input, no words show on the game. How to apply the system input method in game?

Are you talking about adding text? If so, you have to use a UV mapped plane with the characters on it.

I am by no means familiar with the Chinese language. Does the input work the same way as a qwerty keyboard map, or are there like 50 more keys available to press for different symbols?

@MrPutuLips Input works by typing pinyin, then selecting characters based on characters.
But the characters can exist on the clipboard in the same way as “English” characters.

However, the image that is mapped to must have the characters that you want to display, and that would be a big image (There are 10s of thousands of characters).
I doubt that it has been done before, but is certainly possible if you know a bit about coding.
Making the image is the hard part because there are so many characters it must contain.

I’m useing Blender 2.70, I want to let player can input Chnese text and show the text dynamic.
yes, Chnese has more than 10s of thousands of characters, I could not use the way of image mapped.

In BGE’s edit mode, I can chioce the Chinese font, and I can input Chinese in edit mode.
When I press P test the game, Chinese text show very well, but can not input Chinese, only English work.
After I export, the game can not found the Chinese font, the Chinese show as a cube, and can not input Chinese.

I’m impressed that that much worked.

I expect that the reason you can’t input Chinese characters in game is because the keyboard uses the Roman alphabet, you could make it work for simple words by writing python scripts, for example:
If the text contains “hao” change it to "好“.

There are various ways of doing it, it’s up to you to decide how the user should input characters.
In the finished product, how do you envision the user typing in Chinese characters?

It looks to me like the font isn’t being recognised by blender player; I believe that loading a font into the blender editor does not carry over into the player. I’m not sure how to correct the problem, but you might try moving the font file into the same directory that you’ve exported the .exe to.

It means I have to write a input method for this game?
Linux or Windows all have Chinese input method, they work very well in other games,
I hope BGE can let system input method work in the games too.

Yeah, thank you, the font works, the game can show Chinese now,
The problem of font is solved, but still can not input Chinese in game.

I put the font file at the root directory of .blend, and choice it in BGE,
after export the game, I have to copy font file to the root directory of game,
so, run the game, it can show the Chinese. BlenderPlayer found the font success.

If BlenderPlayer can use system input method, all problem will be solved.

I’m commenting here because I want to know about inputing Korean in a game. If you find a way to do Chinese Korean should be easy, but I haven’t done it yet. I’ll keep an eye on this thread, please tell us it you succeed. :slight_smile:

I am looking for inputting Indian language Hindi. Is there a method using ibus python?

I already submited this BUG. They are fixing this BUG.
Thanks all.

I made a virtual keyboard on the screen to be used with the mouse and each assigned a prodiedad key in character with the language. I worked perfectly. I am preparing an example to increase.