how to install a blender theme


please tell me how I can do it. On, it says to:

“To use these themes, add the .py file to your blender scripts directory and open the scripts window. They will be located under the Misc section.”

Well, I don’t know how to do that.

I cannot simply import a .py file. So first of all, how do I add a .py file to my
blender scripts directory?

I need some pastel, got to get some pastel into my life.


well I managed to at least set the python script directory for blender
2.45, which is what I’m using because of tony mullen’s book.
So I dragged the blender theme file I want in to that directory,
and it shows up there… ok, now what?

ok, I figured it out, but now how do I save the script so blender stays that
way, so I don’t have to re-run it every time? argh!

I figured out just by accident that you have to right-click in the text editor,
tell it to open as a text file, then alt-p to run it. sheesh!

so how do I save it?


[CTRL]+U = save user defaults.

Thank you! I am now a happy camper with pastel colors all around.