How to install Blender Cycles in Ubuntu 11.10

hi all
i completely new to Linux world, i downloaded blender latest official release from its work very well in Ubuntu 11.10:evilgrin:, but when i downloaded cycles build from means not able to launch blender:(, how can i use cycles build in Ubuntu 11.10

You´re most likely missing dependencies.
A short overview as you´re new to Linux.

In linux, the libraries you code for/with are tightly integrated in the operating system and handled via depencensies and packages. In Ubuntu Debian’s system for package management is used (which i consider superior to the others).

This means if you install the “package” Blender, it will also install the libraries it depends on along with it. Each package knows on what libraries it depends, so there are no redundancies and orphane libraries are removed.

The cycles build is a so called binary, a precompiled executable without any packaging, so it has no “awareness” of what libraries and other packages it needs.

I don´t know what libs the cycles build actually needs, but the error messages displayed should help you and you have to install them manually if missing. I know for instance that the cycles build needs boost, a C++ library, if you don´t have libboost installed it will not work.

It requires to be somewhat proactive to get binary releases to run, unless you come redundant with statically linked libraries, but usually all is linked dynamic and you have to have the libraries your binary depends on installed.

@arexma Thanks for your reply, when i try to install libboost using Synaptic manager i got the following error.

graphicall builders should make portable versions that do not require external stuff like official ones and Windows builds. I use portable on my Ubuntu 11.04 with script that can use libs from own folder.

can you give link for portable version.

i may make build from graphicall to portable on my Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit, when i am ready i try to upload somewhere.

Not to hijack the post, but - what exactly are Blender cycles? I keep hearing people refer to them, but I dont know what they are…



if not working please let me know because you have 11.10 but i have 11.04, run

you can view error messages(if wont work) if you drop to terminal and press enter.

@Potska thanks for your help, but blender not opening same problem.

Cycles is a new GPU-based rendering engine/pipeline/system/whateverdeveloperscallitthesedays for Blender. It’ll show up in the official release in the next big update if I understand correctly.