how to installl a pygame in linux urgent

can u help me how to install a pygame in linux? im using a redhat 9. i need it as soon as possible tomorrow is my demo and i need to add a sound in my game.

thanks in advance.

Try that, download the rpm.

I think you type “rpm -Uvh whatever-the-pygame-rpm-is-called.rpm”

That may not be right, I haven’t used RPM in ages.

This is also for Fedora, it might not work on RH9. You also need SDL to be installed.

Well anyway, if this doesn’t work try building it from source.
Try that. Just do “tar -zxvf pygame-1.7.1release.tar.gz” and then read a README file for installation instructions. I’m on windows right now so I can’t try it out for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: