How to Join/Merge Vertices of two Objects ?

I have been modeling a cap for which I need to merge the vertices of a Cylinder with a Sphere with a part of it removed.

        I have tried a lot, but not able to do it. I used 

Ctrl + j

         When I tried, I could select the vertices of one object only in Edit Mode. The other one has to be done separately....!!

most of them in Edit Mode. But couldn’t make it out…Please help me…:spin:
Thank you…

This should be posted in “Basic&Interface” or “Modeling” of the help section ;D
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Nonetheless, you can not merge vertices of seperate objects. the best you can to is to let them occupy the same space in your world, which isn´t really desireable.

We´ll fix that takes freaks hand
Be in object mode.
select both objects (shift+click)
press ctrl+j (oin)
then the two seperate meshes get one object and one editable mesh.
press tab to enter editmode.
select the two vertices and press ctrl+m (erge)

You´ll be asked to merge at center, first or last. selfexplainatory.

There is also the option to automerge vertices and use the snap option, this way you can just drag one vertex into another, but thats advanced editing :smiley:


have no idea what you are trying to do, if not ctrl+j works I don’t know. if you join objects, you can select ALL vertices.

I would CTRL+J_KEY to join objects.
edit the new object
hover with mouse over the mesh (cap) press L_key to select linked vertices and move it in place.

there’s a modeling thread ;:smiley: maybe more answer if you post there, or on #blender on IRC:

editing worked well…but

when I Tried to use Ctrl + M its not working…

I am trying with a Cube & a Plane

I had a cube, brought a plane and oriented it slightly differently, selected two vertices facing each of the object. Pressed Ctrl + M. Nothing happened ??

Start with a cube
add a plane
Shift select the cube and plane Hit ctrl + j to join the two objects.
so now when you select either object both objects will be selected.
If this is the case then you can enter edit mode and join vertices.

I think Arexma explained it quite well but you seemed to have missed the point that the two objects must be one object.

I still can’t do it…:frowning: :no:
How to Deselect Vertices…

I know there is a better way, but I always resort to just creating faces by either deleting verts on one object or the other or by just adding faces between the 2.

and that that is done by selecting 3 or 4 verts and pressing F in editmode.

Try Alt + M to merge points.