How to join mirrored sides of face mesh?

I’ve taken a picture of the model, and what happens when I try to unwrap it (see attachment). I can’t seem to get both sides of the face to show up in the UV window.

I’ve tried joining the meshes, but that doesn’t seem to do anything noticeable. I’ve also tried to remove duplicates along the central axis (blender reports that no duplicates were removed), and I’ve tried merging the central vertices one by one, but each time, it said that no verts were removed. I’d really love to get some help with this, and I’ve looked on various blender documentation sites with no luck.



The best way to mirror model right now is to use the mirror modifier from the modifier stack. Then when you’re done you can apply the modifier and the sides will become a single mesh.

If you’re not using it then make the sides as one object if you haven’t already then remove doubles, if Blender reports no verticies removed then there’s a slider in the edit buttons with a value being how close verticies must be to be considered doubles.

Thanks for the helpful response – applying the mirror modifier didn’t work for some reason. Grr. I’m getting pretty frustrated here; I don’t know where I went wrong!

How do I make the sides one object? I tried to remove doubles after modifying and it merged vertices that were quite far apart, but not the ones right on top of each other, but I may have skipped a step or two.

Have you used the “Do Clipping” setting? It makes the points that meet in the center “stick together” causing the mesh to behave as one solid object. When you apply the modifier after that, both sides should be connected properly as a result.

This method didn’t work either. I hope I haven’t screwed this up beyond repair. It’s only my second face mesh, and I don’t remember having such difficulties before. Any other suggestions or common mistakes I might have made that you can point out? Thanks for the help so far!

When you say you tried joining the meshes how did you do that ? - actually 1st things first - when you started your head did you use the mirror modifier or Shift-D ? If you used the mirror modifier you need to apply it from the modifier panel (apply/copy) in object mode. If you used Shift-D you need to go into object mode select the sides and Ctrl-J to join the sides and then go into edit mode and remove doubles .
It looks like you have only one side of your mesh selected for your UV unwrapping and I would guess they are not joined together at all .
If this doesn’t help post some wires or better yet the blend file .

Thanks again for trying to help me on this, guys! I just went back and got the head to be halved again, used the mirror modifier, pressed “Do Clipping,” went back into object mode, and selected “Apply.” The UVs were still only there for half of the face.

Did you mark seams and UV unwrap again ? You need to up date the UV window by unwraping again . I just did it with an unjoined skull mesh I had lying around (actually that was my first UV unwrap ever - i’m a noob too) unwraped it just the one side and then added the other side and noticed no update in the UV window until I re-unwraped again .

No, I didn’t do that… do I have to mark the seams again, too? I’m beginning to think it might be a bug or something I did a while back in the process, because all of these solutions seem rational, but just aren’t working. Thanks again for the input!

Is it possible that you could post your blend file to be looked at.

Gah! Should’ve thought of that earlier. Thanks for the suggestion. I feel a little silly now, but nonetheless, here it is:

Did the file show? Didn’t look like it on my browser. Please let me know if I need to repost it on a URL. I can post it to my teensy server.

I don’t see anything.

You need to repost on a URL . This site does not accept blend files - only images