how to join two blender projects


i’m trying to find out how to insert a mesh or any kind of object from one blender project into a totally different blenderproject. all i can find is the import menu for all sorts of foreign programs.

oh, by the way, where does everything activated go, when i accidently press ctrl-c in object mode? my model all just disappeared and i had to start all over:rolleyes: .

regards, veyron

i just noticed another member posted about the same question seconds before i was ready with mine:
his title is “Copy mesh into scene?”. i apologize for my redundant thread.

though i honestly haven’t found the answer to our similar problem yet.

Here for question one.

I’m not sure about the ctrl-c problem. Ctrl-c is copy attributes, so if you are selecting the first option (location) blender will move all your objects to the same location as the last selected object. If they are completely disappearing (as in being deleted), then I’m not sure whats going on.

File>Append or Shift F1 to append form another blend lets you browse any blend and append anything it to you current project.

Ctrl-C Copies the attributes of the active object to all other selected objects.
Create a cube and rotate it. Go into object mode and create a second cube. In object mode select the second cube then Shift Select the First cube so that it is the active object. No Ctrl-C>Rotation and the rotation of the first cube will be copied to the second.