how to join various NLA strips and record it?

I have this guy who jumps and does other things. The jump consists of a lot of NLA strips working together.
Now I want to make a new animation. Is there a way that I can always use the above set of NLA strips on another character(using the same armature, so it will be able to recognize it).
Honestly, there should be a way of recycling not just a NLA strip but an entire combination/set of strips. And perhaps even with shape keys added, so I could have a
set og strips and shapekeys that together form an expression, movement etc.
How would I do this? :eek: The only solution that I can come to think of is to have a scene with this NLA strip combination and eg label it JUMP, and then next time I need to animate a jump, I copy the scene and switch the mesh to another character… :no: