How to keep my puddles the same size when i resize UV?

Hey! so i made a few puddles using some nodes and the texture paint but however… when i resize my Uv map of the base texture it replicates my Puddles too! any idea how i can keep the puddles as it is and increase the Uv of the base layer?

Without changing the UV:

After i change the UV:

Node setup of the pudles:

2 options:

  1. Add a (Vector >) Mapping node that affects only the puddles section and tweak scale according to what you did with UV map

  2. Instead of resize the UV map manually you can use the (Vector >) Mapping node to resize the “base layer” only.

Check what solution fits your needs.

Additionally to what’s already been suggested:

  1. You can make the size of the puddles completely independent from your UV map by either using the Generated or the Object coordinates from the Texture Coordinates node.

Thanks a ton :100:

Thanks man appreciate it!