How to keep settings when upgrading

I used to be able to be able to click on “Copy Settings” when upgrading to a new version, but the last few times it hasn’t worked. I end up having to spend an hour or more re-configuring everything, reloading Add-Ons, etc.

Is there something new I could learn to make this easier?

Thanks for any clues


I think it work this way…The first time You run a New version of Blender…There wil be a little BOX on the SPLASH screen.

Tic it…And it should copy all Your settings to the New version…:slight_smile:

It only show up First time You run a New Blender version…So You have to tic it first time , else You miss it…:frowning:

But I think If You delete the config file it will show up again…?

Try make a search on it in the forum…:slight_smile:


or if you know where your files reside ( “c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.7x…”) copy/paste/rename the whole folder from previous version

Thanks to both of you. This time it worked.