How to learn or experiment shaders in Cycles?

hie guys, I can’t ask Google about it, I wanted to ask if how you guys learned to use Cycles’ Shaders, what step do you do first before getting into experimenting stuff until you get some incredible output like on the Gallery wall these days is insanely amazing and inspirational.

First, read what the nodes do here:

Second, create a simple scene with an object and lam, then open another pannel and the node editor, and start playing.

You can also search the forums here for cycles nodes

(or do what moony said…)

Also it doesn’t hurt to split the window with node editor on one half and 3D view on the other. Set the 3D to rendered preview, and you can get an on-the-fly look at what your nodes are doing as you change them. Just keep in mind that samples for preview should be somewhat low to keep things fast, and every now and then do a full render at a higher sample count to see things that might be missed in the quick-n’-dirty preview.

Okay, guys. Billion thanks. :). I’ll take my notebook and pen. :slight_smile:

Just start making them! Once you have a few successful materials you can always refer back to them and create new based on them. That will do loads for your confidence. Soon you won’t even have to refer to old ones. You just know what to do and where to experiment.

edit: also googling things like ‘blender cycles plastic shader’ will often bring you right back to this site with all the stuff you need to get started. :smiley:

Okay, thank you so much Sir!, I won’t let you down guys… :smiley: