How to Lighten a Shadow

Hi, how do I “lighten” my shadow so the cube receiving the shadow is less dark?

I am using a sun lamp and I believe there’s a setting to lighten the shadow but everything I’m trying isn’t lightening the shadow. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Change the shader of the cube. For example, if you plug a diffuse shader into a Shader to RGB, and then that into a color ramp, you can increase the shadow luminosity by changing the black slider on the color ramp to gray

Thanks for the reply. Ok, but that’s a lot of work if have a landscape with tons of objects all receiving a dark shadow. I want the shadows on all of the objects to be lighter. Is there a way to adjust the shadows from the source light (sun)?

You can adjust the strength of the light, the shadow is calculated directly from that. Turn down your sun and turn up your environment / background to get universally lighter shadows while maintaining the current brightness level.

Or you can add more lights to the scene

Oh good point. I don’t know why I didn’t think of adjusting the light in the World Properties. I’ll give that a try and see if it solves it. Thanks.

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You can also add a sun lamp and turn off cast shadows to get ambient light. the strength of that light would control the amount of light in the shadowed area. It will also add to the general lighting so you might have to tweak the intensities of you original light that casts shadow.


Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks. :wink:

Another way is in the Compositor.

Sorry, my bad.
With the upper method you can only make the shadow darker.

With this method you can make the shadow lighter and darker.

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