how to link multiple objects at once

how to link multiple objects at once in a scene i got multiple thing (stairs doors…) that are made of different pieces. but how to import that in new files? (and not pieces by pieces.)

I believe you can parent all relevant objects to one object, then import that, or if I recall, you can use groups instead.

parent or grouping are not working. or i do something wrong. the only way i found is to join the pieces to get one mesh.

It seems to work for me, unless you are meaning something different. Let me explain what I did to make sure you aren’t talking about something else. Take the default cube scene, make a few copies of it. Then hit F7 to go to the object menu. With one of the cubes selected, go to the Objects and Links panel and click Add to Group. Give the group a name. Then select the other objects and them to the same group. Save this blend file.

Now, do file->New. Then File->Append or Link. Select the file you saved above. In the first list of items in the opened file, select Group, and select your group name. Then select Load Library. You should see all of your items imported into the new scene. I did this in Blender 2.45.

Ok, so try that. If it’s not what you’re please try and explain your goal better.

what i m actually do is that i add scene in the same blend file with all my props, but when I try to create a new scene in the same blend file. And to link objects from the same blend file (ctrl L) in the newly created file, group or parent don t seems to work.

I think I’m still confused about what you are actually trying to do. From what I understand of your description, you have one file only. You are trying to copy objects from one scene to another. To do this, simply go to the source scene, select the items you want however you prefer to do it, then hit Ctrl L, select To Scene, and select the destination scene you want them copied to. If this doesn’t answer your question, please explain a bit more what you’re trying to do.

Yeah CTRL-L’s Make Links To Scene will take all selected objects, so you just have to multi-select things with the shift key.