How to make 2 objects follow a curve and collide each other

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I am trying to simulate a car crash. Right now i have cars moving in different curves. When they intersect they pass through each other. I want them to collide each other. How can i do that ?

Search for tutorials on rigid body and maybe soft body physics simulation in blender.

Someone on this forum suggested this one. It is very simple and yet hits (hopefully) the important stuff…

Learn Rigid Body Physics

Thanks for the replies,

I understood how the rb works but I have one more question.

After certain point i want the object to not follow the path. But when i clear its parent using keyframes the object immideatly stops. I want keep the animation where it’s left off

Here is what i am trying to achieve:

Is there a way to do that?

Yes, give your object a Follow Path constraint, create 2 keyframes on the Offset value so that it moves forward. Give it a Rigid Body physic. Keyframe the Animated option at frame 0. When the second Follow Path constraint keyframe happens, switch off the Animated option and keyframe it again.


Can you please record this step by step? i really need it