How to make 3d model of terrain from vector iso/contour-lines?

I am trying to make a 3d model from real map data using Blender. I have iso/contour-lines (curves) in which I can trace and convert to vector format which I then can import into Blender. Does anyone have any idea how to trick these curves into a 3d model in Blender? Just like you can with SketchUp (Sandbox–>From Contours tool - see )? I want to avoid making a raster heightmap, because then I would have to blur/interpolate in Photoshop making things unaccurate.

Anyone? Thanks in advance!!

You could try BSurfaces addon which is included in Blender.

Put the curves to one object (select objects, ctrl+J), select it, shift select the mesh, edit mode, click add surface on the tool shelf.
I made a quick example by drawing grease pencil lines, converted them to curves, edited them a bit and did what I described.

go to python forum there is a script to help do that !
you can ask question in python forum!

happy bl

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I’m having a problem selecting the grease pencil line once created.

Also is the Bsurface add in 2.69 the full 1.5 version? as I went to their site and it is some dental page.

You don’t select the grease pencil lines but convert them to curves which you can select and edit if you like. Convert is in grease pencil options on the properties panel (N).

See there: @ 13:50

Thank you JA12

Thank you eppo

Aune, I do not believe there is an easy way to do this in Blender, but then again I also do not believe there is one tool that can do everything (even though duct tape comes pretty close) I say if you can achieve this in Sketchup then why look for another solution? I will also say that using the sandbox tool in SU is the old and sometimes very ugly way, there is a better solution designed for exactly what you need.

Toposhaper will get the job done perfectly and after if you need to work in Blender all you do is export as obj, import into Blender press alt+J and remove doubles.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Pstoppel! I will check this out. I’ve also been trying out GRASS GIS, (google “contour lines to DEM”) with some success. It seems to be able to interpolate okay between isolines.

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Update: success using Topo Shaper! Thank you again Pstoppel!

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