How to make 3D models with pixel textures? (low poly pixel art)

Maybe there are some lessons? Maybe there are some specific rules or techniques or techniques? I want to know everything about it. Do I need to snap to the grid when modeling. Maybe someone did and knows how?

some examples


Pixelated textures? File->User Preferences->System
Then uncheck “Mipmaps” and “GPU mipmap generation”
Or just uncheck mipmaps from properties->texture->image sampling.
The rest is a question of reducing texture size.

Lots of tutorials and timelapses pop up if one googles “blender lowpoly”. That’s a place to start.
But I suppose the general rule is use the least possible geometry without compromising the readability of each shape. You can take this to different extremes and it doesn’t necessarily involve a wholly minimalist approach to modeling; it really depends on the style to achieve.


What might help is the remesh modifier in Blocks mode or also in Sharp mode.

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Thanks! But i wanted something this (but only for Blender 2.8).

Just trying to make sure I understand the question here:

You want to learn how to apply/create pixelated textures with low poly models, rather than just the low poly part. Am I correct in this assumption?

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Yes. I would like to learn how to do the same as in the examples above. Correct uv maping and all the nuances of this craft