How to make a 3d model into a bas relief?

Hi guys, may i ask if there’s a way i can make my full 3d model into a bas relief? for a coin or logo. Thanks in advance

show us what exactly you want as a relief in a coin or logo first, because you might need the black and white image as displacement for a subdivided mesh or do some proper manual modelling to get more correct results, or simply use and import into blender a SVG image (which imports as a curve object), that later gets extruded and beveled if necessary…

i’m also thinking of how to bas relief a human bust. like that in coins


I presume bas relief are only but heightmap, correct?

That’s fairly easy if you know a bit of geometry node, with the ray casting function
Thomas did “fake” bas relief in geometry node for denoising purpose, here’s the blog

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thank bro, i’ll look into it

yeah probably the ray casting (z-depth pass) thingy will work for you and bake it as a displacement and apply it to the coin model…

similar technique here