How to make a 3d model more realistic?


I am new here and just learning about blender.

I am making simple canvas wrap 3d model for use AR.

I put some textures to mesh and edited few options like Roughness

But i dont know how do i improve my modeling to more realistic.

I’d like to get some advice on which part I should learn for improve this.

Thank you.

It depends on what you wanna achieve:
Bevels, unevenness in model, maybe sculpting, bump or normalmap for wood, if thist is an oilpainting (they aren’t flat) bumps, normals… ,photogrammetry, … the possibilities are endless

Hi, @Okidoki

Thanks for your advise.

I will test to changing texture from Normal to PBR.

And that is oil painted and i dont have any other maps (normal, Bump …v…).

In this case, how do i apply bump or normal map in picture?

Thank you.

heres a bumpmap setup for the image. Using the actual image.

one for the frame, you can use any image as a bumpmap. if its an image use non color data on the image node colorspace, not srgb. (as I had it wrongly set to in above image.)

procedural waves with distortion will give you a nice wood texture.

One great trick is to stack several bump nodes together for more detailed patterns…

Hope that helps.

oh, beveling, slight randomness, splitting edges on the frame at the corners, dirt, wear, and most importantly lighting as in an Hdri and some other rim lights will all help sell yr image.

HI, @AlphaChannel

Hi, @AlphaChannel

Your advice has been of great help to me.

I just set maps and options like your screenshot, it is improved more realistic.

Additionally, Could you explain a little bit more about Dirt or Wear?

What function should I look for to express Dirt or Wear?

I searched for tutorials about Dirt or Wear, but i couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Thank you.

HI, @junukseo.

Glad I could be of help.

this explains post explains the general idea of dirtying up a material.

here’s a basic setup for dirt/dust on the top of a material.

Note the mask makes the dust only appear on the z axis of yr model, just like real dust!

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Hi, @AlphaChannel

I made some changes from diffuse BSDF to image texture and applied it to my model and it works perfectly.

I really appreciate your help in resolving the problem!

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