How to make a book?

How does one go about making a book. Obviously it’s easy to model a low poly model and just texture the pages, but if going for close up realism, texturing the pages might not be enough. So, how do you do it?

Array modifier?

Does the book have to be opend, or is it a close up of a closed book, where you should be able to see single pages?
If it has to be opened, you have to model a couple of pages and even rig them (very basic). As Gianluca said, array could be helpful.

If the book can stay closed, I would make a simple box for the whole bulk of pages and probably just add a bump or displacement map. Maybe even model a few pages.

Oke using a array modifier will stapple the pages, but how will the flipped pages act. They will look all the same.
I need more sort of a flyer / brochure which has about 10 pages

What I would suggest is to have a model of a book with several pages on each side, and then ten moving pages. Also, another issue is with the fact that flat planes only take one texture, so to do front and back you need to learn how to use nodes.