How to make a custom font in BGE?

Hi, can anyone help me?
I’m struggling with a font in BGE. I’d like to make my own font for a game. But the font in Blender is just one color, no outline, nothing.
Is there a way to create individual letters as texture in-game that would correspond to a property?

we can set the material index of each section of a string
this can yield multiple colors of letters,

for a outline in 0.3.0 we can use the dot( normal, UP) and use bevel a little.

Thanks, but I’m a bit of a newbie in Blender. How do you set a section of a string? Preferably if you’d have an example.

we can also do something similar in the viewport by selecting the text and setting the index*

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Does this work with Blender 2.79?

No I think the ge text object is different than the viewport text object

There was something in resources for this kind of thing. @joelgomes1994 was it you who worked on it? Aaah, the search is bugging out on me and I can’t find it.

Anyway, I use FontForge instead. It’s free software that lets you draw each character in a font and then export it as one of multiple common file formats when you’re done. It’s like an alphabet editor, basically. The advantage here being you can install it on your system and use the font anywhere else, from word to ms paint, because of course ms paint support matters.

Yeah, I work on BGText, which is meant to do this. Currently I’m working on a update for BGText which implements a HTML-like syntax to format text, but it’s not ready to use yet.



What I wanted is to make my font look for example like this. What should I do?
If you could separate every letter from a text object or a text from python script and then spawn a plane with a texture that corresponds with the letter.
The thing is, I don’t know how to do it and I didn’t find any tutorial for it.

I would use planes and map to UV using a dictionary


UvMap[“A”] = (uv1, uv2, uv3, uv4)