How to make a fluid freeze

Hi I have made a program that makes it easy to make a fluid freeze and then resume and I have also made a tutorial to go with it.

Here’s the link to the video tutorial:

Have fun :slight_smile:

Eventhough its a nice effort to do that, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t use the video edit of blender or just insert keyframes at the final render?

I could see the usefulness of this. In a full scene you wouldn’t be able to composite it in because shadow and reflections would show the scene without the freeze. This would save you that complication.

Although I’m not sure how your code works but being able to have a fluid simulation start at any frame rather then just frame one would be a pretty helpful thing, as long as it doesn’t require it to calculate all those frozen frames and maybe it automatically moves the domain into a separate layer so you don’t have to even think about any of that.

What the code does is it first renames all the cache files from the end frame to the freeze start frame with their original frame number plus the freeze length. Then it copies the freeze start frame and pastes it the amount of times the freeze length is and adds 1 to it’s name each time. I can also adjust the code to make another version that lets you freeze smoke, do you think that would be useful?

Also I made this program based on what benu said in this forum post:

Yeah that’s pretty simple, but the question really is if say the fluid was in a cup and on frame 1500 or so the cup fell off a table, would your script allow you to not have to calculate all 1500 frames leading up to the maybe 30 frames you need calculated?

From what your saying the code works on the post-calculation end of the simulation. I would say you should look into figuring out how to freeze the simulation from the pre-calculation side, that would be quite useful.

But of course that’s a whole other ball game :wink:

can you port your program on linux?