How to make a full body collision

when i’m walking near a wall or when my character collides with the wall my character flies far away or sometimes it bounce out from the platform ,
so please could somebody help me?

try setting your caracters bounds to convex whole. also setting your damping higher could help with the flying away.

doesn’t work

did you try setting the damping up. set the translation to .999 and your caracter should not bounce of anything. if you set it to 0 it will never slow down at all. if you set it to 1 it won’t move at all

i will try it now(but where do you find the damping or translation , is it on dynamics ?)

its in the phisics tab when you in blender game mode. near the botom

thank you vey much

This sounds like you let your character teleport through your scene rather then moving it. Do not use “Loc” for motion on dynamic game objects. Better use: Force, Velocity or servoMotion.

yea i tried to use servomotion but it doesn’t really work

Hi Fenice,

If would recommend using the “Servo Control” Motion Actuator with a Minimum Limit for the Y-Axis if your character is moving that direction and Limits for the Z-Axis to avoid a flying effect. Example is attached.


NoBounceWallExample.blend (80.1 KB)

thank you a lot it perfectly works